The AXXZIA series of skincare products has
been designed to realize our ambition of
“delivering the beauty that is everywhere in
Asia, from Japan to the world.”
Following research into the latest beauty
theories and endeavors to identify new beauty
substances, we have perfected beauty
formulations containing unique
ingredient balances.
AXXZIA realizes the ultimate in salon quality
for both face and body,
with the firmness, moisture, and luster
demanded by adult skin;
it lights the way to a more sophisticated beauty.


AXXZIA Beauty eyes

We developed the AXXZIA Beauty Eyes series of eye products to fulfill our desire to deliver the essence of beauty salon care to our customers homes. Comprising a comprehensive line-up of beauty essence, cream, and sheets, required for eye care, Beauty Eyes provides genuine care for alluring eyes. These carefully formulated eye products will help you radiate with beauty.



AXXZIA Beauty eyes essence sheet premium

The Essence Sheet Premium offers a luxurious experience: they pleasingly enfold the eyes, promote promote the plentiful absorption of cosmetic substances, and promise a clear and radiant beauty when removed. Eyes are prone to a variety of problems; our unique research-backed sheet shapes and cosmetic formulations infuse overused eyes with both relaxation and energy.



AXXZIA Beauty force(skincare)

The ambition embodied in our company name of AXXZIA has been recreated in this comprehensive line-up of facecare products. Each of these products—which range from washing foam to moisturizing creams—contains a unique, carefully selected combination of ingredients that enables natural skin to radiate with beauty. Our desire to support our customers in their pursuit of beauty is encapsulated in the name of the brand: Beauty Force.


Make up

AXXZIA Beauty force(makeup)

The Beauty Force selection of makeup products includes a liquid foundation that transforms into a powder, distinctive for its pleasing texture. It uses light to its advantage to deliver beautiful natural skin, and liberates you from the chore of color-selection, regardless of the tone or condition of your underlying skin.



AXXZIA Beauty body

Our face and body are covered by the same, single layer of skin. For this reason, when caring for our bodies, we ought ought to use products that contain the same quality of cosmetic substances and deliver the same pleasing textures as facecare products. Via the cosmetic substances it contains, its ease of use, and its fragrance, the Beauty Body series delivers enchantingly luxurious bodycare every time it is applied.